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CarsOcean operates as a platform for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) operations. The service is divided into two sets –, the B2C portal where users/dealers can buy and sell new and used cars, and CarsOcean Classified, an online classified and store which allows sellers and dealers to sell their products and services online.

Other than the online marketplace, it has physical presence all states of UAE. The website is mobile friendly for easy use.

Along with car listings, the portal also offers car price information, certification, insurance, used car finance, comparisons, on-road prices, and reviews. The used car certification program is jointly conducted by engineers and sellers who inspect the initial condition of cars at different levels, and a detailed condition report is presented as part of the online listing.

about us carsocean


Our vision is to provide a smooth car buying and selling journey for all our clients. At carsocean, everything we do from product development to marketing & communications aims to empower our customers and give them greater confidence when it comes to trading cars – regardless of how much they know about cars or how engaged they might be in the process.

about us carsocean


Our product portfolio continues to expand and diversify, allowing us to grow with the evolving needs of our customers and provide support during every step of their journey.



Do You Want to sell a car?

CarsOcean is the right place where you can Place an Ad and  list your car/vehicle to sell in UAE, weather you are an owner, dealer or a showroom, you can list your vehicles on CarsOcean in very easy and simple way

Are You looking for a new or used car?

CarOcean lists New Cars, Used Cars, Export Cars.  Our listed cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. Your car can be delivered  wherever you are depending on the seller policies.

What car details can you find?

All the car details you want, need, or feel like checking up on to make an informed buying decision.  We list an abundance of information on each car page. If you pick a car, here’s what you’ll find about it:

  • Cars specifications: Make, model, variant, car manufacturing year.
  • Car details: Kms driven, fuel type, engine type, drive type, drivetrain, transmission, trim.


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